Limestone is often used for decorative walls or retaining walls, and it is a popular choice for walkways and patios. It also makes beautiful sculptures, stands and benches when working with a large piece. Whatever your project Cardinal Tie is your source for limestone in Akron, Ohio.

Limestone is wonderful choice for landscapers looking for a smooth, neutral coloring for their design. Consisting mainly of calcite, limestone exhibits almost no graining or structure, and most commonly comes in neutral colors of white, cream or gray. Using such uniform blocks for a wall or patio results in a clean, consistent appearance for your yard or business.

The experts at Cardinal can help you consider your options for your design so you get the look you want. Our limestone is available in multiple sizes, colors and styles. Were you hoping for a little more variety in your wall or patio? Limestone blocks may also be available in black, brown or yellow. Ask our professionals about more dense limestone that can be polished.

At Cardinal, we also can advise you on possibilities for varying your design for a wall, patio or walkway, whether you want to use exclusively limestone, or are considering limestone as trim or a wall cap. Travertine may also be a consideration for your project, adding varying reddish colors and texture. Ask us about this product.

Using limestone for your Akron, Ohio project offers you many possibilities for decorating and accessorizing. Contact Cardinal Tie today to learn more about using limestone and how we can deliver it directly to you for all your projects!