The final step of most landscaping projects is topping the flower and shrub beds with a blanket of mulch. A layer of nuggets or deep brown shredded bark can create that finished look you want for your home or business. Whatever your project, Cardinal Tie & Supply has your mulch in Akron, Ohio.

Choosing the right mulch for your property is key to your satisfaction. Our experts can advise you so that you get the benefits of a beautiful finished project as well as the weed barrier and moisture retention that mulch also offers to your cherished flower beds.

Before choosing a mulch, consider what you want to accomplish and the environment in which you intend to spread it. If you want your mulch to last longer with less decomposition, nuggets are better than shredded bark. However, nuggets should not be used on a slope, as they will wash away more easily.

Deep colored bark mulches create a beautiful look, but will absorb more heat from the sun, so either use a light mulch in a sunny area, or choose plants that can tolerate more heat.

At Cardinal, we have a variety of bark mulches and many colors to choose from. Our experts are available to answer your questions before you place your order and help you determine the proper amount to complete your project. You decide whether you want to pick it up, or we can deliver it to your home or business.

If you choose one of our dyed mulches, remember to protect concrete and other surfaces that could pick up the dye as you are spreading it. Dyed mulches should not be spread in the rain and, once spread, need about 24 hours to dry out before watering plants. Our experts will advise you as to how to handle dyed mulch so that you get the most from these beautiful colors.

When you need mulch in Akron, Ohio, contact Cardinal Tie to be sure you get the right mulch, and the right amount, for your project.