When your landscaping projects require putting wood in contact with the ground or the outdoor elements, you will want to consider using treated lumber. Northeast Ohio weather, with its summer humidity and high level of precipitation in winter and spring, can mean a lot of moisture invading your outdoor wood structures. For these types of hardscaping projects, contractors and do-it-yourselfers contact Cardinal Tie & Supply to buy treated lumber in Akron, Ohio.

Pressure treated lumber from Cardinal fends off decay and is ideal in high-moisture and ground contact hardscaping projects. Projects that are best completed using treated lumber include decks, fences, sheds, mailbox and light posts, swing sets and playscape, picnic tables, landscape ties and edging, underwater dock pilings, and residential building foundations.

Ask our experts to examine your project design. They can advise you as to which of your projects will be most vulnerable to decay from moisture and insect infestation, and when it would be okay to use our quality non-treated lumber.

They also can advise you as to the correct type of treated lumber for the specific portions of your landscaping or hardscaping project. Our lumber marked for ground contact is specially treated so that it can withstand direct contact with the ground and last longer. Lumber marked for above ground use is treated specifically for outdoor, above ground use.

When you need quality treated lumber for your project, Cardinal Tie has pressure treated wood available in the following sizes:

  • 8 foot length
  • 6” X 6”
  • 6” X 8”

All treated lumber from Cardinal is Guaranteed for life.

We recommend using only stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized nails, screws, bolts, anchors, and connectors when working with treated lumber.

For more information on the best uses for treated lumber in Akron, Ohio or the surrounding areas, Contact Cardinal Tie & Supply LLC.